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We offer an extensive range of writting surfaces for various applications from small offices to large corporate and educational facilities.

There are various surfaces to suit different needs.

Porcelain surfaces are a white ceramic glass fused onto a steel substrate. This offers a highly scratch resistant surface suitable for heavy writting use.

Painted steel surfaces are comprised of multiple layers of painted steel with a white top coat baked under moderate over temperatures. the surface can be scratched and is suitable for all moderate use applications.

Glass writing surfaces are made from a tempering process that makes them up to 8 times stronger than standard glass. If broken, the glass shatters into small harmless pieces. The surface is extremely stain resistant.

Hard laminates are offered as whiteboards now. They have a plastic resin surface and the quality of erasing is very dependant on the quality and quantity of the resin layers applied.

Available as:

- Magnetic whiteboards

- Porcelain whiteboards

- Reversible whiteboard and pinboard

- Combi whiteboard and corkboard

- Whiteboard on a roll

- Magnetic glass

- coloured glassboards

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